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Novus Alloy Wheels (Alloys):

All Novus Alloy Wheels are Flow-Formed which produces a significantely lighter and stronger wheel. This leads to improved shock resistance, increased elongation point, increased tensile strength andhigher load capacities.

The Novus Wheel range is new for 2016 and is a growing brand with some great designs to offer. We expect to see big things for this brand over the next few years!

How do we rate Novus Wheels:
Strength: "30% stronger than standard production"
Weight: "25% lighter than standard production"
Durability: "Improved shock resistance"
The 2017 Novus Alloy Wheels (Alloys) Line-Up:
Novus 0.1 (Flow-Formed) Alloy Wheels Novus 0.1 (Flow-Formed) Matt Black with Polished … From £619.00 19" Only
Novus 0.2 (Flow-Formed) Alloy Wheels Novus 0.2 (Flow-Formed) Gloss Black From £449.00 16" | 17" | 18"
Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Alloy Wheels Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Gloss Black with Polished… From £1029.00 22" Only
Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Alloy Wheels Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Gloss Gunmetal From £1029.00 22" Only
Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Alloy Wheels Novus 0.3 (Flow-Formed) Hi-Gloss Silver From £1029.00 22" Only
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